No, not the nauseous soft drink that we used to chug during those all-nighters when your Invisalign teen Las Vegas style aligner really needed to be removed and your teeth brushed and flossed before mold started growing! For those you had to wear metal braces the new clear Invisalign System is a god send for present day teenagers or young adults who need to wear braces. The aligners are easily removable and easy to clean. For those folks who are active in contact sports, the Invisalign system allows you to continue wearing your aligners without having to worry about any sharp brackets associated with metal braces from cutting your mouth. If the sport requires wearing a protective mouth guard, simply remove the aligners during the game. However for best results and a timely outcome, it’s better to wear your Invisalign aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day, throughout the entire treatment. One of the best things about the Invisalign system is that because the aligner are made from clear plastic, it is almost impossible to see. No one will know that you are wearing braces. So I am not talking about the soft drink Mountain Dew in the article that follows, but its namesake: poteen (Poitín, to be more precise).

On an editorial note, no Poitín that I’ve consumed quite inspires me to sing its praises; perhaps I’ve not had the “finer stuff”, and perhaps I’m not the drinker that my forebears were. Nevertheless, it strikes me as something that should never be taken internally…unless you’ve swallowed something that you need to kill before it erupts through your ribcage, Alien-style…

It’s not whiskey, exactly. It’s basically what the Irishmen drank when they couldn’t get whiskey…or at least couldn’t be bothered to make it under “official” regulations. Mountain Dew is to whiskey what stout is to lite beer.

Poitín was also very much against the wishes of the English officials, which of course lent it even more of a romantic and political aura. I’d like to set up a space in my apartment where I can enjoy a taste now and then. The romantic in me wants tailor made curtains made of blackout silk (so I can drink in the dark) yet colorful in daylight. Custom curtains are def a requirement, given the odd shape of my windows. I tried to hire a window specialist to give me quote for the full treatment, but he was so expensive I ended up going to the online store and ordering the cheapest custom curtains I could find, but I can tell you that even the most cost effective curtains are expensive once you choose to customize. But if you’re really into perfect settings, this is how you get there and Poitín worshippers know what I mean.

Among the many songs mentioning or featuring Poitín, the most well-known is likely “The Rare Auld Mountain Dew”, with it’s tongue-twisting chorus and sprightly ode to the beverage. Additionally, the lyrics are excellent at evoking the moonshiners and their surroundings:

There’s a neat little still at the foot of the hill,
where the smoke curls up to the sky
By a whiff of the smell you can plainly tell,
that there’s poitín brewin’ nearby!

By the way, that smoke was from the burning turf (perhaps even the storied peat) that fired the still, and was a dead giveaway to the authorities. So moonshiners would most often aim for dark and windy days…hopefully a few in a row, for it took more than one to brew the Mountain Dew.

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